Thursday, December 20, 2007


The way we say things differently has always interested me. I love accents and dialects of all kinds and have gotten very used to the "accents" of my students. We have a large Hispanic and African American population at my school and they do pronounce words a little differently. Today we were practicing the long o sound when oe is at the end of a word. We were reading a book about Joe and the Doe. I always use these opportunities to expand on their vocabulary. I asked my students if anyone knew what a doe was. Only one child raised her hand. I asked "E" what she thought a doe was. She pointed to the front door of our room and said, "One of dem". I'm not kidding folks! You just can't make stuff like that up!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2 down, 3 to go!

Well, we are now two days into the last week before winter break. As expected, the kids are not focused on anything educational. I have resorted to writing activities and math problems based on "holiday" customs from around the world. Today we focused on customs in England and how Americans have adapted them. It reminded me of a student I had 7 years ago.

We were talking about the tradition of caroling and spreading cheer. I asked the students if anyone new what "carolers" were. I got this response, "The things my momma puts in her hair at night". I have never forgotten that response and it still makes me smile to this day.

Another student I will never forget will be "G". I wrote about him and the vision screening. He truly is the best reader in my class and has amazing recall of everything he hears. Today we were walking down the hall to go to the restrooms. I noticed something strange about G. He had his coat on upside down. The hood was hanging down in the back. I tapped him on the shoulder and told him his coat was on upside down. He looked, shocked, and took it off and then couldn't quite figure out how to put it back on. Poor kid! He is book smart but definitely not common sense smart. Gotta love 'em! They make me smile!

Three more to go!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Common Sense?

The group of students I have this year never cease to amaze me with their lack of common reasoning skills. Last week we had a mass hearing and vision screening for students. We were called by class to come to the auditorium. The nurses explained the process and showed the kids what to do when they were called. They were to go to the "hearing" table and then sit somewhere else for "vision" so the nurses would know who had both screenings done.

My students were wandering everywhere, they didn't know where to go or what to do. My favorite was G, when he had his vision screening. They have to put on a pair of glasses with one side covered up and then read the letter the nurse points to. They then switch and do the other eye. G was told to put on the blue glasses first. He stares at the two glasses (which are blue and red) and can't quite figure out which one to pick up. It's not that he doesn't know colors, he is actually a fluent reader and a very smart boy. He just gets REALLY confused. I go over and point to the blue glasses and tell him to put them on. He doesn't know how. He rests them on his nose but not behind his ears. I had to physically put the arms behind his ears. Next, the red glasses. He picks them up and puts them on... upside down!

Next week is gonna be an interesting one, being the week before our winter break. Wish me luck!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


My first December blog! My school world has been a bit boring lately so I haven't had much to write about. My personal life, on the other hand, has been nothing but jam packed! So... here's a day in the life of "ME"!!

My daughter woke me up at 3am Sunday morning crying. Her throat was hurting and she couldn't swallow. I got up and took her temperature. She was running a 101.1 temperature. She stayed in my bed until morning. I got on-line and "checked in" to an urgent care center. We got up and ready to wait for them to call and let us know when we could come. They called about 9:00. We left and were on our way to get my baby better.

The area where this center is located is very building saturated. I couldn't find the place! I kept making u-turns and looking around everywhere. I finally decide to pull over in a parking lot to see if I can find an address and get my bearings. I look and there is a police car behind me, WITH IT'S LIGHTS ON!!!! I lean out the window and apologize for not seeing him there. I tell him I'm looking for the urgent care center. He looks at my pitiful daughter in the back seat and says, "Did you know your inspection sticker is expired?" Are you kidding me?! My freakin' inspection sticker. He was apparently sitting in this parking lot and happen to see my inspection sticker was expired. Oh my goodness!!! So, he gets my license and insurance and comments on how he too is an underpaid public servant (teacher... police officer) but still writes me a freakin' ticket! UGH! He points me in the direction of the center and we leave.

We get to the center and sit down. They tell us to wait about 5 minutes for the room. About 3 minutes after that, we hear a woman screaming for help and a man screaming OMG, OMG. The nurse grabs the phone and calls 9-1-1. Five minutes later an ambulance pulls up and they go in to the rooms. 45 minutes later, they wheel a woman out with bandages wrapped around her head. Apparently this woman fell and hurt herself pretty badly. So, now that we have been waiting for almost an hour, we finally go back to see a doctor. She says it appears my daughter has strep throat but she wants to do the strep test where they rub a swab on the back of the throat. My daughter freaks out, starts crying, and is getting herself very upset. She hates having that done, as do I. I ask the doctor if it's truly necessary and she says she would be able to diagnose better if she knew. I convince my daughter to do it. The doctor does the swab and my daughter begins to gag. She then begins to heave and spit up blood. Her throat is so irritated it is bleeding. This goes on for about 15 minutes. The doctor and I are holding a trash can under her and taking turns getting towels to wipe her mouth. My daughter convulsed so hard she broke the blood vessels on her checks and in her eyes. My poor baby!

The doctor leaves to do the lab test and doesn't come back for about 20 minutes. Apparently the lab tech was doing x-rays on a crying toddler and couldn't do the labs for a while. Well, the test came back negative but the doctor wanted to give my daughter a shot because of the severe throat infection. She said the shots were very painful so I opted against them. She instead said she would give a high dosage of antibiotics, an anti-nausea, and a throat numbing gargle. We finally get to leave!

We go by the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions. They are done and I go to pay. There are only two. The doctor forgot the antibiotics! The pharmacist had to call and finally we were able to get our medicine and leave. We got home, finally, 4 hours later. She took her medicine and fell asleep.

She is doing better today, thank goodness!

Well... that's a look into the fun-filled life of a teacher and single mom! Woo-hoo!