Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Today as I was reading a book to my class, my new principal came in for a walk through observation. The book I was reading was titled "Crazy Hair Day". It's about a kid that is excited to go to school because it's crazy hair day. He gets his hair all crazy-like and goes to school. He soon discovers it's not crazy hair day but instead it's picture day. Crazy hair day is the next Friday. It goes on to deal with how the other students handle this little mix-up. It's a really cute book. So, after the story, I have the kids tell me what they would do for crazy hair day since that's what they will write about in their journals.

They all raise their hands eager to share some of their crazy hair ideas. The first student I call on says, "I would put poop on my head." I laugh and say that we would all have to hold our noses. I'm hoping not to draw attention to the fact that he just said he would put poop on his head during my observation! So, moving on, I call on another student for her brilliant idea. Her response is, "I would put pee on my head." OMG! Seriously! Have you all lost your minds? I respond by saying that somehow we have gone in a direction I wasn't expecting. Fortunately the next student response got us back on a normal track. She said she would put eggs and glitter on her head. Better I guess, right?

Anyway... they go to work on their journals and they actually turned out to be creative and not disgusting. (Sigh) Kids. They say the darndest things.