Monday, March 3, 2008


Today was a VERY rainy day for us. The power was out in the school this morning which caused the kids to be a little rambunctious. My students know what behavior I expect from them and normally comply. Others, however, do not. As we were walking down the sidewalk today towards our portable, two children were running full speed past us. I told them to slow down. They did not. I stuck my arm out and said louder for them to slow down. As soon as they passed me they continued their sprint into the building. Just as my class and I made it to our portable we heard the two students screaming and running back down the sidewalk. As they rounded the corner, one of them slipped and fell into a HUGE puddle of water that collects where the sidewalks meet. Can I just say how funny that was! I know it's mean. It's almost like when a car is cutting you off and speeding and you hope to see them pulled over by a police car on the side of the road ahead. I looked at my kids and said, "That is why we don't run on sidewalks children." The boy that fell jumped up, soaking wet, and went back into his classroom. I talked to his teacher after school today and she said he told her the other boy pushed him in. The nerve! :) To lie about sweet justice! No running boys and girls! Lesson learned? Probably not. He will still run everywhere he goes. But for me, a great lesson on cause and effect! And... a great lesson as to why we have rules and that they actually do make sense.

Have a great week everyone . . . and slow down! ;-)