Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today during our planning periods we had an "optional" meeting with a psychiatrist for tips about de-stressing. Teaching is certainly a stressful job and I could see how these meetings could be useful. I'm actually a very laid back and happy person. When I do get stressed or upset by external forces, I tend to step back and tell myself that no one can "steal my joy" or control how I feel.

I went to the "session" mostly to show support and hopefully to gain a few tips. I was the only one to show up during my planning time. It turned out to be a bit of a "venting" session. Seeing as I really don't have much to vent (I do that here and at happy hour) I just answered her questions about school environment and overall feelings around the campus.

I was honest and told her that I truly don't have very many issues. I told her I try to not take anything personally and that usually works for me. Apparently, there are many others feeling stress because of negativity in our building. I think she is going to try to get more positives and fun things to happen at our school which would, of course, be great.

Later that same day...
I go to pick my students up from lunch. I'm about 5 minutes early so I just talk to the kids for a bit. I realize there are no TA's in the cafeteria and it's 2 minutes until we leave for recess. None of the children have taken their trays to the trash. We have 200 kids in there and I know it's going to be chaos very soon. I tell my kids to stand up and take their trash and trays. I turn around and a TA is yelling at me. Here is the conversation.

TA: "So, I GUESS we are ALL just DISMISSING our OWN kids NOW!"
Me: "No one was in here."
Me: "No, you were not in here."

Side note- another TA had gone to get them all lunch from Applebees (not their lunch time, lunch duty) and the custodian and TA's were in the hallway paying her.

TA: "I GUESS I will just STAY in one SPOT!"
Me: "Un-freakin-believable!"

All of this in front of my student teacher and students. Very unprofessional and rude. I immediately went to inform an administrator. This TA was actually suspended for 3 days for yelling at an assistant principal. Some nerve.

She's obviously a VERY unhappy person in the wrong profession. It made me think about what I said to the psychiatrist. I had to take a few minutes and relax and realize that this woman can not and will not "steal my joy" or control how I feel.

Here's to a fantastic tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I knew who it was before you identified her. How is it she is still working in a school?


Simply Sublime said...

That is a very good question, AJ. What can be done to remedy this? Our student population come from negativity and violence. They should be able to feel safe and happy at school. Right?

Mister Teacher said...

In A Few Good Men, they would call in a "Code Red" on her...

Simply Sublime said...

Wouldn't that be nice. :)