Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week 2

Wow! The honeymoon is OVER! I am having a very difficult time with the group I have. They are unable to self monitor at this point in the year and I am having a very hard time with instruction. I have a very low group of kids and need to work in small groups a lot. It's been challenging to get very much true academic work done. I'm sure it will all fall into place soon it's just frustrating right now. Not to mention the time taken away from planning with meetings and paperwork (enrollment packets)! Ahhhhh, I feel better. It's nice to vent.

On a more humorous note...

I was working with a small group of students today during journal writing. I had them write about a favorite birthday moment. I made sure to tell them I wanted to see lots of details. Where they were, what they ate, what they got, who was there, etc. One of my students asked me if I could help him spell peanut butter pizza. I, of course, said sure! Peanut butter pizza? He said, yes. I said, really? He said, yes. So we were working out the sounds and spelling then he said, not peanut butter, Peter Piper! We all had a good laugh and I explained I might like to try a peanut butter pizza one day! I might mention that this student has a severe speech impediment.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a GREAT day with lots of learning and focused children!

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Mister Teacher said...

Same problems, different rooms... Sheesh. At least I'm glad to hear it's not just me having a hard time kicking this year into gear. (though that maybe doesn't make YOU feel any better)
Place value blocks for the rest of the week. Wonder how many kids we'll have to stop from building forts (despite all the warnings that we're sure to give...).